Sex During COVID19

Pandemics sure do have a way of making us realize what is important to us.


We re-evaluate our lives, take a look at our priorities, and recognize that how we are spending our time may not be a path we want to continue.


Several people I’ve talked to have felt an increased desire to find more meaning and purpose in their lives.


Much discussion as of late has been on physical health, and even mental health. However, sexual health is also vitally important to our overall health. Here are some research statistics……..did you know that people with depression have a 50-70% chance of developing sexual dysfunction? HOWEVER, those individuals with sexual dysfunctions run a 130-210% increased risk of developing depression.

This goes to show that sexual health matters, and feeling comfortable with our sexuality and our sex lives with our partner(s) is really important for our overall wellbeing.


While some people may think that sex therapy is something that should wait until we are through the pandemic, it could actually be the perfect time. You may have more time to talk to your partner about wants and needs, and more time to practice your therapy homework!


Good sex helps reduce stress. It can foster close, loving connections with our partner (who doesn’t need that). Gyms are closed, and having sex burns calories after stress eating all those Oreos. And, a good sex life helps produce the happy neurotransmitters and immune supporting chemicals in your body.


If you want a better sex life or want to feel kinder and more comfortable with your own sexuality, I would love to talk to you.


What is sex therapy during pandemic times? It’s a tele therapy session, just like in the office, where we have a very intentionally focused conversation about your sexual concerns. The only difference is we are both at our own dining room tables having coffee (well, that’s where I am these days!)


I hope to see you soon!

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