Sex Coaching

What is the difference between sex therapy and sex coaching?

Sex therapy looks more in depth at family patterns, attachment styles, trauma, and early conditioning. If you want to do a deep dive and discover and heal the why and how you got where you are, therapy is a good choice. Or if there are relationship dynamics that keep you from having good sex, think therapy before coaching.

Sex coaching focuses on a specific issue or concern that requires moving past mental barriers and learning skills to enhance sexual satisfaction, and tends to be shorter term. You get to set specific goals and work toward meeting those goals each session, and together we come up with a plan that includes unlearning, education, and building awareness and skills around sexuality. If you are in a fairly good place, and want to tackle the issues at hand and move forward in a solution-focused manner, coaching is the option to consider.

Whether I work with you as a coach, or therapist, you benefit from my expertise as a clinical sexologist and the years of specialized training I’ve had in the science of sex!

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