Learn About Sex Bookclub for Women

Do you struggle sexually and wonder if you are normal?

Maybe you wonder if you’ll ever feel sexy, or get your desire for sex back, OR wonder if you’ll ever care if you have sex. Maybe sex has never been that important to you, but it is to your partner(s), and you would like to increase your desire.

You might even compare yourself with an idea of what you are supposed to be doing, wanting or thinking about sex.

Your partner’s requests might feel overwhelming, or underwhelming. Maybe you have trouble having an orgasm, or don’t even care if you have one. Sex might even feel like a chore. And for 20% of women, sex at some point in their lives in painful!

Many women tell me that they don’t even know what they want sexually, much less how to communicate those needs to your partner(s).

Being a woman is hard! Being a sexually confident women is even more elusive, in part because women get multiple confusing messages based on the media, religion, lack of research based sex ed and toxic messages about what healthy sexuality is.

How do you even sort through it all?

Communicating with your partner(s) can be hard. Communicating about your sexual needs can be harder.

The thing is, it doesn’t have to be.

That’s why I’ve started this Learn About Sex for Women bookclub.

I’ve curated 3 books that we will read over 3 months. We will meet virtually once each month to discuss the highlights in the book, and for $40 a month (book not included) I’ll bring in all the new research I know about and guide the conversation.

Knowledge is power.

I’m inviting you to join the conversation. I’m inviting you to join the movement of women taking charge of their minds, hearts, and bodies both in the boardroom AND bedroom.

Want in?

Contact me at info@drchristinamcdowell.com or sign up here!

601 E. 63rd Street Suite 360
Kansas City, MO 64110

(816) 209-1305

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