Creative Coaching

Hello beautiful,

You were born to create. But then, you know that. You are complex and intuitive, which gives you your creative edge and makes you unique.  However, that complexity can your nemesis at times, right?

I get it. I’m a creative personality myself.

We are edgy. Independent.  Critical thinkers. Trail blazers. Rule-breakers. Seekers in mind, body, and spirit. My great-grandmother ran a brothel and still in Kansas City during the Prohibition, and my grandmother traveled by the light of the moon on horseback to deliver babies, so I come by the entrepreneurial, creative spirit honestly. There was no hope for me to be anything BUT a wild renegade.

Creative personalities rock. You rock. I have worked with many of you, and you’ve shared your heart – frustration in the creative blocks, the doubts in your value, the insecurities in art and love. You’ve shared social anxiety that presents at art openings, networking events, and entrepreneurial endeavors. You have fears about competition in your field and that stops you in your tracks. You have fears of visibility and success, and you worry that your dreams won’t come to fruition. And because you are intense, if you could just manage your f*ing moods, you’d create the Universe all over again.

What do I help with?

In a nutshell –  I help you harness your beautiful, audacious creative personality so that you optimize your creative flow and create a life of happiness, love, and professional success.


I hold on to the ephemeral creative muse like my grandmother held onto that horse’s mane, and I don’t let go until that creative baby is born. I am committed to partnering with you so that you achieve optimal creative success through data-driven psychological assessments as well as proven psychological juju.

We start with a few assessments, and then craft our work together based on your goals. I am passionate about the world benefitting from your gifts, talents, brains, and creative and unique lens.

Benefits to working with me:

Your mojo and juju and vibe increases, meaning you become more confident, clear, and focused.

Attention +Intention = Miracles

And this means that your work gets out there. It gets noticed. Your fears don’t get in your way. You let go of what doesn’t work anymore, and start manifesting what does work. And your bottom line improves, meaning you make more money too.

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