COVID-19 & Anxiety

I’m curious what brought you here.

Maybe you are stressed out about your health and those of your loved ones. Or maybe social distancing is becoming anxiety-provoking. You might even feel lonely and lay awake at night wondering when your life is going to get back to normal.

Social-distancing sucks. Being alone social-distancing sucks. Being with others can start to feel like you are on top of one another with no room to breath. You might be busy organizing, or sort of feel like you are drifting through your days.

Perhaps your old coping strategies are no longer available – going to the gym, going out with friends or travel – it’s all come to a standstill.

Your sex drive may tank, or increase as a response to stress; and both are so normal.

I’ve talked with many clients who are experiencing an increase in anxiety and depression. You are not alone. We all struggle with uncertainty, and we are definitely in a time in which uncertainty prevails.

In times like this, what you struggled with you may do more of. THAT’S NORMAL! In other words, if you tended to worry, you will worry more. If you leaned toward anxiety, you will feel it more. If you numb out with food or alcohol, you may do that more. If you struggled with low-libido, it might drop down even further. If you had a “sex-addiction”, you might find that your screen time is increasing. If you tended to get critical, you might find that you are more self or other-critical.

There is NO self-help book on how to cope with a pandemic. There is no class you can take, no 12-step groups on how to get through it, or mentors or parents you can call and say, “Hey, you know that last time you went through a pandemic… did you handle it?”

Here is what I can share with you………..there ARE many, MANY things we have learned from all the research we’ve done in the areas of trauma, emotional-resiliency, and positive psychology. For one, empathy and self-compassion heal. That we can learn how to be brave and courageous even when things suck. And that it is possible to learn new things even when life is hard.

I am here for you – all of the healthcare workers, the parents doing the best they can, the folks working from home, and couples and individuals who want to learn how to better themselves.

We are in this together. You are not alone. If you are struggling, I invite you to schedule an appointment through my website.
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