You are probably here because you yearn for something more.

Everyone comes to therapy because they are wanting to change or understand something about themselves and their path in life.

You may want better sex, or want to expand your sexuality. You may have shame around your sexuality or feel disconnected from it, or maybe don’t even know what you want and really want to figure out your desire map and erotic self.

We all have wounds that occur in the context of relationships. I believe they can only heal within the context of relationships. Therapy and coaching is also a relationship, involving a series of very focused, intentional conversations that helps you identify you find your inner wisdom and live from an empowered place so that you can reclaim and intentionally design your beautiful life.

Almost everyone, at some point in their lives, will experience sexual challenges and difficulties. This is normal.

 Things sex therapy or coaching can benefit:

  • Painful sex
  • Mismatched levels of desire
  • Communicating about needs and wants
  • Rediscovering passion in long-term relationships
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Anorgasmia
  • Low desire for sex
  • Figuring out your erotic style
  • Opening up to kink
  • Redesigning your relationship
  • Exploration of gender and sexual identity

In addition to sex therapy and education, Dr Christina provides sex coaching and education to individuals all over the country via a secure internet platform.

Dr Christina values learning and growing, both professionally and personally. She’s been in therapy, women’s circles, tantra teachings, women’s feminine embodiment courses, and co-ed coaching groups using authentic relating techniques, in addition to attending conferences on sexual health and clinical sexology.

Her virtual are safe spaces where there is permission for you to bring all of who you are out in the open.

If You're Ready to....

• Let go of what doesn’t work anymore

• Have better relationships

• Live life authentically

• Have great sex!

…Then let's chat!


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