I know you are here because you yearn for something more.

Everyone comes to therapy because they are wanting to change or understand something about themselves and their path in life.

You may want better sex, or want to expand your sexuality. You may have shame around your sexuality or feel disconnected from it, or maybe don’t even know what you want and really want to figure out your desire map and erotic self.

We all have wounds that occur in the context of relationships. I believe they can only heal within the context of relationships. Therapy is a relationship; a very focused conversation that helps you identify you find your inner wisdom and live from an empowered place so that you can reclaim and intentionally design your beautiful life.

Sex therapy issues I can help with include painful sex, sex after cancer, sexual dysfunction, rediscovering passion in a long-term relationship, redesigning your relationship, mismatched libido, adding kink into your relationship, sex education, recovery from infidelity, gender dysphoria and exploration of one's sexual and gender identity.

I am always learning and growing, and always integrating what I learn into my practice. In addition to sex therapy and education, I also provide therapy to individuals with anxiety and depression or who just want support through a difficult phase in life.

I love working with both individuals and couples.

If You're Ready to....

• Let go of what doesn’t work anymore

• Have better relationships

• Live life authentically

…Then let's chat!


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